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Hi, I'm Cyrano (or shirako).

character shrines.


watching: Various Muppets media.
listening to: Ambient, mostly William Basinski
reading: Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series
eating: My second gyro of the week. Don't tell nobody.
drinking: Water! Lemonade later.


Feb 24, 2023
Added a bunch of stuff back to the site, most notably the page for my backyard wrestling homestuck au ! I plan on updating it more over time.

Feb 18, 2023
New splashpage done! You probably just saw it if you followed a link to the main index page. I'm pretty happy with it as is, but I think I'll add an update box to the side to show these site updates on it once I figure that out.

Feb 15, 2023
Trying to make things a little more simple. Have been super busy, but still kicking. I don't really use twitter anymore, as for any other social media but dreamwidth. Come find me there?

Jan 3, 2023
New domain and site in general for subject matter that may skew a little wacky. shitaiotoko lives.

Jan 1, 2023
I made a twitter for keeping up with artists I like. Maybe I'll post sketches to it. We'll see. Here it is.

Dec 31, 2022
Ok now The Seeker has a page on my website. Go look at him.

Dec 31, 2022
It's the final day of the year! I plan on using my site more in the new year, I definitely want to figure it out a bit more. Happy New Year!

Oct 1, 2022
I forgot to update this dang place the whole time I was moving it around! We are no longer on neocities, baby t~mut

Sept. 19, 2022
There's an about page now, it's less of an about me and more of a "this is stuff i like", I still recommend looking at it if you're new to the site though. Just so you know what you're getting into.

Sept. 18, 2022
Readded my Calliope shrine page because of course I did, what kind of monster would I be if I forgot to put her back on my site.

Sept. 17, 2022
Added a blog page, a page about my pardner, and working on a gallery for art, this time built by myself. I really want to try my hand at getting better at this stuff.

Sept. 16, 2022
Added webring, and this little update box. Working on adding people to ring, and making more pages for the site before linking everything together.

Sept. 15, 2022
Added a frontpage! With a little nifty enter button, and plenty of Adults Only warnings.

Sept. 14, 2022
The site was actually launched today! The domain was purchased a day or so prior, because I had to figure out which domain would be best for the content I want to post. Also .moe is just cute lol.

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